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Finding Love, Loving Life

Finding love is one of the most important journeys we will take in life. We all have an inherent desire to love and be loved. It feels amazing to give and receive this powerful, uplifting energy. Sometimes, people have concerns around this subject and ask questions such as: “Will I ever find my true love?”, “Is this person someone that I can trust?” or “What do I need to do to find a supportive partner?”

There are many things that we can do to create positive relationships. We can seek advice from trusted books, friends and counselors. We can implement new relationship strategies into our lives at any time. Try out some of these suggestions for creating love and expect successful outcomes!

1. Love yourself – know that you are worthy of being loved. 2. Raise your vibration – send love out into the world. 3. Reach out to people – be open to making new connections. 4. Tune into your emotional guidance – make choices that feel good.

Love yourself: On the subject of finding love, a clairvoyant friend said, “Learning how to love yourself actually helps you to bring in a partner that truly loves you.” As we come into this life as babies, we are operating from a perspective of unconditional love and non-judgement. Over time, our life experiences and feedback from other people can create distortions to the perception of Who We Truly Are. Put all of those criticisms and self-doubts out of your mind. Return to that place of innocence, knowing that you are deserving of love. Also, see the world with new eyes and recognize the good in all of the people you meet. They will respond positively to your generosity of spirit and reciprocate good feelings back to you.

Raise your vibration: A priority in your journey back to love is focusing on personal growth. Are you aligning with qualities that you would like to find in a mate? Are you treating others the way you would like to be treated? If not, try making daily changes to your behavior so that the Law of Attraction will bring in your ideal partner. If you find aspects of your character you would like to improve, make changes in an energy of joy and expansion. Put past mistakes behind you and focus on the good. Being in gratitude for the life you have now helps you to manifest even greater things.

Reach out: My good friend offered me useful advice about reaching out to perspective mates. “In your quest for love, you have to open yourself up to people. Do your part so that the Universe can meet you half way.” For example, if you just stay locked up in an office or hide out in front of the television every day, you may miss some great opportunities to connect with loving people. Do something that you enjoy this week – pursue hobbies, explore your city, ask someone out on a date. You might also want to attend social events, sign up for a dating website or join a singles meet-up in your community.

Tune in: We all have an emotional guidance system that is invaluable for helping us to make the right choices. How are you feeling about yourself? If you have self-love and confidence, others will notice. How are you feeling about the other person? If you meet someone who does not feel like the right match, pay attention. Have meaningful conversations with your prospective mate. If you find out that you have extremely divergent core values, you may want to move on. Honor yourself enough to know that you deserve the best. Continue to do your inner work and the perfect partner will come to you.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy journey as we co-create a world where Love Is All There Is!

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