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Rise and Shine

Three ways to jumpstart your perfect day!

As you get out of bed in the morning, set some uplifting goals to motivate your enthusiasm for life. You may want to experience fulfilling, loving relationships. You might aspire to create financial abundance. You may also be interested in understanding your purpose and potential. Whatever you are desiring to bring into your life, starting the day out right will help you to reach your dreams quickly.

Let’s think about the days that you wake up grumpy and are dreading the tasks that are before you. Does it seem that this energy can continue to grow so that you face more challenges, meet irritable people and have less joy your life?

Then there are the days that you start out feeling happy. You see the world as a beautiful, friendly place. The people in your life are cooperative and kind. You find yourself succeeding and you are excited about what you will do next.

My goal each morning is to create a happy day – and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Experiment with this simple morning routine and watch the benefits manifest…

Step 1: Meditate

I have explored many techniques for meditation over the years, and have found myself falling short of the expected outcomes. I had a hard time sitting still in yogic positions and “emptying my mind.” I was actually corrected in a group by a person who thought I was fidgeting too much. Even though I was not sitting like a statue, I thought my meditation was extremely beneficial. The only measure of a “right” way to meditate is if you feel better after you do it.

My style is to get cozy in my bed while focusing on the high vibrations of the Infinite. It is not separate from me, it is my own greater Source of power, insight and energy. I call it my God-self. Others use expressions such as Higher Self, God, Oversoul, Higher Consciousness, Christ, etc. Whatever you call it, you will know it is there just by tuning into it. Experiment with meditation until you find the way that feels best to you.

Step 2: Concentrate

I like to ease into my day slowly. Jumping out of bed at the sound of an alarm and rushing about is not my ideal. When I am awakened, I simply continue to amplify any good feelings that still exist from my sleep state. When we are sleeping, we let go of a lot of negative self-talk, worry, and painful emotions. I take advantage of this peacefulness and stay with it for a while.

Gradually, I focus on my goals for the day and the future. This type of concentration is not the same type that you use to work out a math problem. It is a gentle and “allowing” visualization process. For example, you can envision yourself delivering a presentation to your office in a confident, professional manner. You can set the intention to get along well with your mate or see your blind date going well. Concentrate on feeling how you will feel when your dreams become a reality.

Step 3: Appreciate

Now that you feel great, get out of bed and be thankful than you can. It is an amazing gift to be alive – to learn, to create and to expand. Keep your thoughts focused on only the things you want to experience. That will be the fuel that keeps the positive momentum going. If a challenge arises, put more attention and energy into the solution than on the problem. Enjoy each moment with an attitude of gratitude.This morning jumpstart keeps my attention on the positive – positive energy, positive thoughts and positive expectations. It fills me with feelings of well-being and hopefulness.

Give it a try – and have a peaceful day!

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