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Yoga by the Pool


Mind, Body and Spirit Retreats 
with Amy Elizabeth Garcia

Amy Garcia will be your host for a one-of-a-kind mind, body and spirit retreat in nature.  

Choose the activities you would like for your custom designed retreat schedule.  Amy is a knowledgeable guide that will direct you to the lodging accommodations and outings best suited to your interests and budget.*

These unique travel adventures will enlighten, replenish and generate a lasting sense of peace.  


Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance:  Amy Garcia offers transformative sessions that include oracle card readings, essential oil aromatherapy and crystal healing.  An energy infused bonus gift item will be personally crafted by Amy to facilitate your continued expansion.

Interactive Unity Ceremony:  Immerse yourself in a gathering for peace as you are guided through a ritual that unites and celebrates all spiritual paths of Light.  Participants are encouraged to contribute a gift from their personal traditions as we partake of a Native American peace pipe, Christ centered communion, readings from sacred scriptures and more.

SAMPLE OF OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES (Offerings change in each location)

Lomi Lomi Massage:  Local massage therapists provide physical relaxation with native therapeutic techniques.  Enjoy garden fresh juice blends as you rejuvenate in a serene and luxurious setting.

Sacred Sites Tour:  Discover Kauai's hidden natural treasures on these awe-inspiring journeys.  Gourmet picnic and sacred ceremony near the healing waters of the island are included.

Artistic Encounter:  Express your inner creativity using a wide variety of materials including paint, clay and elements from nature.  Be inspired by lively music, food and scenic splendor as you experiment with color, texture and form.

Music and Dance:  Enjoy Polynesian drumming circles and jam sessions with slack key guitars and ukuleles.  Experience performances by local dancers ranging from fire dancing to hula.  

Scenic Boat Tours:  Explore the pristine beaches and spectacular cliffs of Kauai's NaPali Coast.  Observe whales, dolphins and sea turtles as you snorkel among colorful tropical fish.

Meditation and Yoga: Quiet your mind as you strengthen your body in personalized sessions designed for your own abilities and desires.  

* Base fee for the core retreat is $250.  Optional activities vary in price.  Please visit contact page to receive a price quote for a custom designed retreat to meet your individual needs.

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