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Real Steps To Enlightenment;

Dynamic Tools To Create Change 

By Amy Elizabeth Garcia

"An inspiring and useful guidebook for anyone on the path of enlightenment. Amy Garcia has done an excellent job of blending personal stories, communications from Spirit, and safe advice." 

Dr. Steven Farmer, Author of Power Animals

“I am delighted by this book. The content is very down to earth, yet light as a feather from an angel's wing. Amy uses her metaphysical talents with honesty and love, and you can feel it emanate from each page.  If you are reading this quote, I say read the book, there is a valuable message within just for you.”

Terry Lynn Taylor author of Messengers of Love, Light, and Grace

“Amy Garcia is a wonderful soul with the ability to show people the beauty they have inside themselves.  I am always amazed at her incredible spirit and way of looking at life with loving spiritual glasses.  The messages in this book are a must to read and experience.” 

Marisa Ryan, Radio Medium, Founder of The Awareness Center

"Amy's book is inspiring, enlightening, and arousing.  The balance of divine guidance, honest intimate experience and thought-provoking questions brings these principles to life in 3-D. Read it straight through or open to where your heart guides you.  You are guaranteed to have moments of awareness and feel a longing to ascend higher.  Amy is a pure soul and her book is pure joy!" 

Lisa Cherney, Conscious Marketer

"I am inspired by Amy's work.  From the moment I spoke to her on the phone I knew she had many important messages to write and speak to others.  She is a truly powerful soul and will change the lives of many.  I am blessed she has been in my life!”  

Suzan, Illuminations22 Ministry Founder, Ionixx Creator

"The book was wonderful!  I loved it and it reminded me of so much that I often fail to remember.  It resonates with much that is going on in my life at this time. Thank you for this book.  Many people will respond well to this information.”

Michelle DeMott, Intuitive

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