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Resources For Creating Unity, Healing and Peace


The Spiritual Awareness Network is an organization dedicated to promoting unity, healing and peace.  Please visit our blog page for tools to assist you in reaching these goals.

Amy Elizabeth Garcia is a peace advocate and the author of “Real Steps To Enlightenment.” She is dedicated to peacemaking efforts that will raise the consciousness of the planet. Her Spiritual Awareness Network is a grassroots movement of visionary individuals focused on spiritual evolution.

Amy teaches personal growth workshops to help people discover real and lasting inner peace. She receives support from angelic and Christ force energies during her intuitive coaching and healing sessions.

Amy's latest lbook, “Real Steps To Peace” offers many insights into manifesting a world where peace is our shared reality.

Affirmation from the book “Real Steps To Peace” by Amy Garcia

“ God’s power moves through me at all times.  I will not misuse this energy, but direct it as a source of healing for myself and others.  I know that I am a powerful creator and there is no limit to what I can accomplish.” 

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