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The Water Lily
By Amy Garcia
An allegory about desire, release and oneness

The Maiden enters the garden at twilight.
She has come to listen to the birds and the
Insects sing vespers in praise of creation.
She has come to meet her sister, her muse -
The Water Lily.

She wonders at how the lily thrives,
Taking sustenance from the murky pond
Thick with the emissions of nature. 
The Lily blooms and rises untainted -
The sacred is birthed from the profane.

Pink petals, opening like the mystery of woman.
Not hidden, but innocently exposed
To inspire, to be honored by her Beloved.
The moist, succulent flower entices
With color and scent and feminine power.

The Maiden gazes at the lily with longing.
She desires to possess its beauty.
She steps gently into the cool, thick mud of the bank.
Her hand reaches out to pluck the blossom,
Yet it remains painfully out of reach.

Her breathing becomes fevered and
Her heart beats loudly in her ears. 
She must have this thing that will complete her.
She stretches herself further and further…
Until she falls into the black water and is lost.

She is no longer visible - all that remains
Is swirling motion and tiny bubbles of air.
Below the surface, the Maiden is submerged
In a disorienting world of darkness -
An endless night, dense with cold.

Her passion for breath replaces all
That she had once thought valuable.
She strives to make contact with
The Source that will allow her to live.
She grasps and claws and moves
Until she finds the blessed, wet earth again.

From the shore, she watches the Lily.
She hugs her knees to her chest,
Imploring any vestige of heat to replace
The chill and the dull, empty ache inside her.
She is wounded, yet she is alive. 

The Maiden and the Water Lily are silent,
Immersed in the eternal moment of Now.
The petals of their bodies unfold
As each layer of Spirit is awakened.
They unite with each other…
     And the Lover they share.

The angels draw near to revel in
The sweet perfume.


Awakening In A Jury Room
By Amy Garcia
Enlightenment is available everywhere

I have had several moments of awakening in my life - signposts along my spiritual path that demonstrated how I am intimately connected to God and all of creation.  One of the most dramatic experiences was prompted by a murder trial.  This journey of discovery taught me that enlightenment is not just for select masters, but available to everyone in every walk of life.

Jury duty is an opportunity that few people passionately embrace.  For years, I also had many reasons why my time could be used more effectively in other activities.  If I had only known what a gift I would receive from my openness to be of service, I would have been receptive to it long ago.  I wonder if there is a mysterious alchemical process that takes place in this setting - a gathering of twelve, intent on discerning the truth.  Each person needed to bring their best to a very challenging situation.  I could see myself in each person, with all of their strengths and weaknesses.

The facts of the case were sad, but the real emotional drama took place in the jury deliberation room. Tempers flared and ways of interpreting what was credible were extremely divergent.   I sent out the prayer, “All I want to know is the truth.”  When I look back, I can see how everything that was said was pointing me towards remembering what is Real.

I received many messages that reminded me to question if the stories we tell ourselves and each other are ultimately true.  I felt that my life was becoming very surreal - it was like going down a rabbit hole.  I went to bed the night after the trial ended knowing that something inside me was shifting.  I woke up one hour later, feeling as if a lifetime had passed.  I was in a void of awareness, not in my bedroom.  I absolutely knew that I was One With All That Is.  There was a sense of peace, love and perfect order.

I started to focus my presence back into my bedroom.  I walked to the window and thought, “Oh, I am back here playing this role of Amy Garcia.”  I picked up the clock and said, “Oh, this is what I am telling myself that time is.”  I would love to say that my ego self didn’t resist this new paradigm, but I had a fleeting moment of saying, “Oh my!!!  This is not the story I have been told for the past 47 years.  How am I supposed to function on this planet with such a mind bending realization?  Who is going to understand?”  Quickly, I calmed down and returned to the feeling that all was well.

Then I started doing research to see if others had experienced this type of epiphany.  I found a You Tube video called Jim Carrey on “Awakening” for Eckhart Tolle TV.  He discussed his own experience of expanded awareness.  He had spent time with Eckhart and studied his books.  One day, he “woke up and suddenly got it.”  He understood how thought was an illusory thing and how it is responsible for the suffering we experience.  He was thrown into an expansive feeling of freedom -from himself, from his problems. He saw that he was bigger than what he did, bigger than his body.  He was everything and everyone.  He was no longer a fragment of the Universe - he was the Universe.  Ever since that day he has been trying to get back there.  He said, “It comes and it goes.  It’s like riding a wave.  Sometimes I’m on and sometimes I’m off.  But at least I know where I want to go.  And I want to take as many people with me as I can because the feeling is amazing.”

His eloquent words resonated with me at a deep level.  I know now that God is within me, is me, is all of us.  I can also relate to his metaphor about riding the wave.  Shortly after my discovery, I was having a beautiful lunch with someone I loved in an outdoor restaurant overlooking the ocean.  Although my companion was still fussing with stories of lack and limitation, I maintained my equilibrium and my vision.  I was completely immersed in enjoying the perfection of my life. Then he made another negative comment that caught me off guard.  Since I have spent most of my life responding to conflict like a warrior, my old conditioning came to the forefront.  I usually got angry when affronted like that, and it was my custom to tell a person off in no uncertain terms.

This time, my eyes just welled up with tears and I was sad because this person didn’t share my vision of unlimited abundance and peace.  I started to feel painful emotions that were pulling me back into the illusion.  Suddenly, a Biblical story came to my mind about a time when Jesus’ soul was grieving.  In the Garden of Gethsemane he said, “Remain here and stay awake with me.”  I immediately had a new understanding of that verse and I regained my composure.  In times of trouble, it is easy to fall asleep and get caught in the grip of fear, but that is not the only option.  Instead of getting angry, I felt compassion.  I looked at my companion again with the recognition of his inherent Divinity.  No drama or storyline was ever going to change that.

As I practice staying conscious throughout my day, challenges become less painful.  Even though I know that I am One with God, I am still living as a human being.  Yes, it may seem easier to stay awake when those around you already know, but great teachers come in many guises.  They will continue to help me to heal by mirroring any remnants of illusion that still exist in my psyche.  A Course in Miracles says, “Think not you understand anything until you pass the test of perfect peace, for peace and understanding go together and can never be found alone.”  When I have only love in my heart, I will see nothing else.

Our world is undergoing extreme changes - warfare, unrest, natural disasters.  It would seem on the surface of things that the attack and defense method of dealing with fear is rational.  However, when we cause harm to another, we are only causing harm to Ourselves.  It may feel like the worst of times, but for me it is also the best.  The fact that we are awakening to our Oneness and Divinity is nothing short of a miracle.  When everyone realizes and shares this vision, we will know true peace on earth.

Angel of Awakening Prayer
“Mother-Father God,
I let go of any thoughts and beliefs that are the result of fear based conditioning.  They are mere shadows that lack substance.  I no longer need to be a victim to the painful feelings those thoughts create.  The truth is that I am One with God and One with every Being in the Universe.   I know that everything is in perfect order and that I am safe.  I am thankful for all of the teachers that help me to stay awake.
And so it is."

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